As a Affiliate Agent, you will have the power to maxmimise your profits from your customers accounts using a Master Account.

Create and distribute Betting Accounts to your friends, colleagues or associates and earn from their betting!

We offer the best Agent Management platform on the market. We give you full control over your players and multiple tools to generate maximum revenue.

As an Agent you pay the lowest industry rates yet you have the ability to charge your players whatever commission percent you want!

Agents can take positions against their customers with our fully comprehensive bookmaker tools! You have the ability to take risk by player AND sport!

Once you are an Agent, you can use our market leading backend reporting tools and analysis to help you make the right decisions!

Not everyone Keeps Betting Fair. Our fully integrated bet integrity checks will identify and punish players who do not play fair. Stop losing out to cheaters!

Speak to our team to discuss how you can take ownership of an Agen Master Account!